Fight Back With Food: 40 Recipes That Will Help You Fight For Life



Food is the fuel your body needs to function effectively.  Your body's ability to heal, be active, and fight off infections is dependent on your food.  That is why WHAT you eat is so important.  I have had the pleasure of being vegan, pescatarian, as well as adhering to a Mediterranean diet.  Each plan will work for your body if you are utilizing the way the diet is meant to function. The healthy recipes included in this book have allowed me to maintain my energy, metabolism, and optimal functionality.

The Set Up

Fight Back With Food covers bone, brain, gut, and immune health.  I break the book down with 10  healthy recipes for each of these sections.  For each section you will find content on the benefits of each of these foods. 

This book gives you 40 recipes that will help you keep your entire body functioning at its best.  I have included health nutrient benefits for the foods used in the recipes for each section.  You will also find a mineral dictionary in the beginning that will help you find replacement sources for these nutrients, in the case you prefer a different ingredient.

Each recipe is designed to heal your body from the inside out. Being able to enjoy the meal is the bonus.

Why WHAT You Eat is Important

Dis-ease starts in the mind. Your mind causes you to either misuse your intelligence or use your ignorance to overeat the wrong foods.  Many times your cravings are not related to food.  For example, if you’ve only gotten three hours of sleep, and already eaten your food for the day and you still feel hungry, your body is searching for energy.  If you are stressed, and you feel hungry, your body is searching for comfort. In your mind, the way to lower that stress is overeating your favorite unhealthy dish. It is important for you to understand the difference between your body’s call for food as fuel or comfort.

Eating high amounts of foods that are unhealthy will cause a buildup of toxins in the body.  These toxins start to manifest through excessive burping, constipation, acid reflux, and excess mucus in the body.  This progresses to fatigue, headaches, and those annoying skin issues that medication never heals (acne or dry and itchy skin).  As the toxicity continues to build in the body, you may notice the onset of joint pain, gout, more severe skin irritations, and swelling.  The process takes a new turn once you receive the diagnosis of a chronic disease (diabetes, cancer, heart disease).  My point is that allowing the mind to make the wrong decisions can cause a chain of events that are not good and that could have been avoided.

I hope that this book becomes a great resource for creating a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy!


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