Elimination Diet 101: Eat More Food




The elimination diet heals the body and helps you identify which foods your body can’t tolerate.  This book is aimed at educating you on how the elimination diet works, its benefits, and how to thrive through it.  It is a great cost-effective way to determine what foods your body rejects.  I have used it multiple times with great success.  I have also used it on my clients with favorable results.  The goal is to be healthy, feel healthy, and look healthy.  The elimination diet will help you accomplish that.  It will jump-start your health and wellness journey and help you yield better results more effectively.


A Little About My Experience


The elimination diet was a total reset for me.  For example, I love granny smith apples.  I used to eat six per day, depending on the day.  Now if I eat more than three, I start feeling weird and my stomach bloats.  I have also noticed that my tastebuds for whole foods are stronger.  My thoughts are more clear.  I have clarity without brain fog and confusion.  My sense of smell is stronger.

The elimination diet has enhanced my ability to focus and be more productive.  Even my periods of meditation are longer, and my insight is sharper.  I can hold my breath longer as well.  I also sleep deeper. Since I cleaned up my diet, I sleep better which tells me that the foods I was eating were causing too much nervous energy in my body.  My REM sleep has increased by 30 minutes which is major for me because I usually get around 30 to 45 minutes of it per night.

After reading this book you will be able to decide if the elimination diet is something you would like to try or if it is something you’d like to try again differently.   This book will help you gain more insight on how to take care of your body because you only get one!


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