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Training With Sherman Mathis

The truth is that you need willpower, determination, positive visualization, self-confidence, discipline, diet, supplementation, sleep, and yes exercise.  Instead of making you figure out how all these things work together, I’m offering you life changing results.

It’s my signature online 90-day training program that gives you direct access to me and all the tools you need to create a lifelong habit of stress management, healthy choices, fitness, and self-confidence.  The program takes everything that I’ve learned over the last 18 years of research, trial and error, and helping clients succeed, and rolls it into one program specifically designed for your body type, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Your time is now!  Feel Better! Look Better! Increase Your Self-Confidence!  Tap Into Your Full Potential!  Be The Best Version Of Yourself!  

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Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Sherman Mathis is a Certified Personal Trainer, Competition Prep Coach, Nutritionist, and Certified Life Coach. Sherman is a successful NGA, IFPA Pro Body Builder, and a USPA National and State Record Breaking Power Lifter. He is also a book author and speaker.

Sport & Nutrition

Whether you want to get in shape to play sports, become stronger, or compete, I am your number one fan!  I will be there with you every step of the way to help you change your health, change your lifestyle, and become great.

Shermans 100 Proof promise

My goal is to help people all over the world achieve longevity by taking the steps to live a healthy lifestyle.  I promise that if you give me 90 days, I will give you the knowledge, know-how, and push that you need to achieve the results you seek.  You have everything you need to achieve your goals. Let me help you tap into your unconscious potential.


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Online Coaching


1 on 1 Training (Tysons Corner, VA Area Only) I also travel with clients when they are traveling on business (For rates times and schedules email me.)


Supplementation Recommendation


Meal Plans

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

Why Training

 Programs That Work

Each program is customized based on the clients goals and current condition.  The programs yield positive results that will create positive lifelong habits that will impact every area of your life.  You will gain discipline, fearlessness, and an intense case of positive visualization.

Strength Training

Your solution to reducing body fat, builing lean muscle mass, and burning calories up to 48 hours after your workout.


Your solution to increasing your flexibility and strength to practice working out safely and reduce injury.

Weight Loss

Your solution to being more mobile, feeling better, getting the look that you want while increasing your confidence with my combination workout/meal plan.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I hired Sherman to help get me prepared for a bodybuilding competition. I went through his 12-week bodybuilding program. Everything that he provided was calculated specifically for my body’s current state and where it needed to be come competition time. He trained with me and set up a diet plan as well. He was very patient and took the time to make changes to the program as needed. Sherman’s service is well worth it. I won 1st place in three different classes. He is the one I’m going to call when I decide to do another competition.

I found out about Transitional Fitness Coach through a friend who had successfully lost weight through the program. I had been trying to diet and workout regularly, but I wasn’t getting any results. My weight never changed. Sherman was really great. He explained to me why I wasn’t getting results and provided me with a diet and workout plan that was easy to follow. The diet was really great and I was still able to enjoy the foods that I love the most, just in moderation. I started losing weight in the first two weeks. By the 12-week mark, I was down 21 pounds and was down to 13% body fat. I felt better. I looked better. I definitely recommend Sherman as a trainer. He is also very personable, patient, and dependable.

I do powerlifting competitions and I wasn’t satisfied with my last coach. I knew I wanted to find someone who not only knew about the sport but who has also competed at some point. Sherman jumped into powerlifting and won 1st place in his class twice. He then did a national show and got 3rd that same year. So needless to say, I hired Sherman and he gave me a lot of information on how to improve my strength without getting injured. He also have me a lot of helpful information on how to stay strong all year long so I don’t have to push my body so hard when it’s time to compete. Now I am able to lift more weight more easier thanks to him. I definitely recommend his service.

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